From that point on, I decided to never use any solvent based tire dressing on any on my cars or my customers’ cars. The “non-hexane” version was safer to use, but dried out the rubber and had the annoying “wheel-sling” characteristic that is despised by every car guy on the planet.

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Another Tire Shine Showdown!!! Water Based Tire Dressings!! CG VRP, Jay Leno Garage, 303 Tire Balm!! In water based tire shine the solvent is replaced with water. The water based dressing comes in a variety of ranges. A silicone based suspension forms a layer on the tire and doesn’t come off the tire. So the best is a water based dressing. water based tire shine products come with dry touch formula which revives the lost shine of your tires within minutes.

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The best tire shine is the … The Meguiar’s tire dressing is more silicone based than water based and the gel itself is very thick. When applying the tire gel, always use an applicator and small portions of the product. Too much will be a waste and it will also attract more dust that will cling to the gel. Overall, it is the best tire shine in terms of gloss black shine, durability and long …

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